Mini Flip Racer - Black

Mini Flip Racer - Black

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The Wishbone Mini Flip with Race Base is a brilliant new style of ride on toy, a mini version of the original Wishbone Flip featuring fully rotational wheels on a smaller sized body than the original. Before you get too confused, you can now choose from a big sized Wishbone Flip for ages 1-5, a smaller sized Wishbone Flip for ages 9 months -3 or this fantastic middle range choice the Wishbone Mini Flip with Race base that is suited to ages 1-3. 

The concept is that when a child is just learning to walk or under 1 year of age they might prefer the original Wishbone Mini flip. The original Mini Flip has inline wheels like you see on rollerblades that keep them more stable, where this version is ideal for a little one who has mastered walking and is really stable, and would love the fun of the fully rotational wheels wih the comfort of a smaller body that they can ride more easily while they are smaller themselves.

If you already own a Wishbone Mini Flip with inline wheels, the good news is that you can also upgrade that with the additional feature of the Wishbone Race Base simply by heading here to purchase the upgrade part only. This is a great option for families whose child needed the stability of the inline wheels to start with, but has now grown up and is ready for the fully rotational wheels for that extra speed and mobility around the house.

If the Wishbone Mini Flip with Race Base is for you, simply add this to cart by choosing the body colour that you are after and this body will be combined with a race base to give hours of fun and laughter to your child with an awesome sustainable ride on toy.

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