Swim Laundry Detergent - 500mL

Swim Laundry Detergent - 500mL

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Swim Savvy is the new generation in performance-focused care for your quality Swim & Surf Wear + Wetsuits made in Sydney by Aussies who live at the beach!

The first thing you'll notice is its amazing scent.  We created Swim Savvy to smell like the best summer holiday you've ever had! Infused with our 'Malibu Mojito' it's designed to leave a fresh scent within the fabric so that every time you put on your swimsuit or surfwear they smell clean and vibrant and not musty or pongy. Made from 100 % plant-based, biodegradable and marine-life-safe ingredients, it's super concentrated so you only need to use a very small amount each time. Swim Savvy will help you to extend the life of your swimsuits & surf wear, thoroughly clean, remove stains (like sunscreen, oils and fake tan), brighten colours, 'adioses' odours and combats chlorine's damaging effects.  It is proactively infused with natural active anti-microbials specifically selected for their ability to fight against mould and bacteria protecting your health and well-being.

Swim Savvy comes in our standard 100 ml size and a bulk 500 ml size. The aluminium bottle is deliberately planet-friendly recyclable & reusable and the perfect size to throw in your beach bag, take to the pool or take on your next holiday.  

We Recommend Pairing Swim Savvy with one of our Australian-made wet bags.