Easy Sleep Portable Bassinet
Easy Sleep Portable Bassinet
Easy Sleep Portable Bassinet
Easy Sleep Portable Bassinet
Easy Sleep Portable Bassinet

Easy Sleep Portable Bassinet

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When life gets busy, sticking to the perfect sleep routine isn’t always possible. For families that need flexibility and simplicity in their daily routines but don’t want to compromise on safe sleep for their newborn, the Easy Sleep Portable Bassinet is for you.

This lightweight bassinet is for your newborn to sleep in for naps around the house, on the go, or overnight when away from home. Pulling double-duty, the Easy Sleep Portable Bassinet can also act as a safe and clean place to put baby down when out and about for tummy time, play, or simply gazing up at the trees. The bassinet features a mesh body for breathability, and a sturdy steel frame with high sides for safe sleeping. The thin, firm breathable mattress is cotton-covered, and removable for washing. The bassinet folds in half and opens again with an easy-to-use lock mechanism.

To store or transport, simply release the lock, fold in half and slide into the Carry Bag backpack, included. The backpack features adjustable straps, front pockets and a carry handle. The lightweight bassinet (2.2kg) will happily join your next family holiday in a suitcase or overhead locker on a plane. Did we mention it comes with a mosquito net to keep bugs, dogs, and curious toddler fingers away? It’s safe sleep, on the go.

The Easy Sleep Portable Bassinet is suitable for newborn babies who are not yet rolling, or up to 9kg. Please discontinue use as a sleeping bassinet once your baby starts to show signs of rolling (usually around 8 weeks).

Included in the box:

  • 1x Portable Bassinet
  • 1x Mattress
  • 1x Mosquito Net
  • 1x Carry Bag
  • 1x Instruction Manual

How To Use

  1. Place the bassinet on a flat, smooth and hard surface. Push the ends out and downwards until the side lock mechanisms click into place. You should hear a 'click', but you can also check the mechanisms to see the silver ball is securely fitted inside the hole.
  2. To sleep baby in the bassinet, ensure the mattress is secure to the velcro underneath it. Always put baby to sleep on their back.
  3. To put the mosquito net on, fasten the snap buttons of the net onto each side of the bassinet correspondingly. Stretch the net over the ends of bassinet. Remove the same you put on.
  4. To fold the bassinet, remove the net (if on) and simultaneously push the tabs on the lock mechanism outwards. This will release the silver ball. Pull the ends of the bassinet up until the touch each other. You do not need to remove the mattress to do this.
  5. Secure the folded halves using the toggle, and pack away in your carry bag for storage or transport.


Mattress: Top & Bottom Lining: 100% Cotton
Inner: 100% Polyester foam
Mosquito Net & Mesh Outer: Polypropylene, Nylon, Polyester
Frame: Steel
Carry Bag: 100% Polyester


Mattress Care: Remove the mattress from the frame. Gentle Hand Wash. Do not tumble dry. Do not iron. Do not dryclean.

Frame and Bag Care: Wipe down with damp cloth