HeyDoodle - Reusable Mini Colouring Mat - Sugar & Spice

HeyDoodle - Reusable Mini Colouring Mat - Sugar & Spice

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The beautiful HeyDoodle mats in a mini size.  Same colour in fun in a itty bitty size. 

Actually, not that itty bitty, (they are half the original size) these mats are a perfect size for travel and they come in a cardboard tube, so they are easy to take with you.

Also a gorgeous gift - were thinking party favours, hospital stays, weekends away!

Each tube includes
1 x Mini mat (size 30x 20cm)
3 X HeyDoodle markers

Silicone placemat is free from harmful chemicals or substances, FDA approved, non-toxic

Washable, wipeable, Reusable - The beauty of this material is its ability to be cleaned and refreshed simply by using a damp cloth or by washing with soap and water. 

Size:  mat 30 x 20 cm