Signature Laundry Detergent - 500mL

Signature Laundry Detergent - 500mL

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Fed up with boring old laundry detergent? Have sensitive skin? Or maybe you're craving a convenient way to enhance the way you live that's untainted by chemicals & toxins, is effective and won't hurt the planet?? Then our Signature Laundry liquid is for you.

Combining everything we love into one incredible laundry wash, Signature is pure, powerful, luxurious, effective, and simply a dream to use. Take the 'chore' out of everyday laundering and solve your general laundering needs with this super-concentrated, highly efficient laundry liquid with built-in softener that removes stains, cleans, deodorises, softens and freshens. 

Infused with our Signature naturally derived fragrance  'Charmant' it's ph neutral, toxin-free, and contains no phthalates, sulfates, optical brighteners, or synthetic bleach. 

Suitable for the entire family, it's safe for sensitive skin and likely to become your unexpected self-care obsession! We recommend matching with Charmant Le' Savvy Mist Linen Spray & Room Spray.